A Look Back at Agawam: The Thomas and Esther Smith House

7/6/2017 | Agawam Historical Association

Category: July 2017

Photo courtesy of the Agawam Historical Association

The Thomas and Esther Smith House is located in the Feeding Hills section of Agawam. Smith, a housewright, purchased the 200-acre parcel once granted to Matthew Noble by William Pynchon. In 1757 Smith build the Georgian style house which still remains to this day.

The Thomas Smith House sits at the base of Provin Mountain amidst freshly plowed fields and a few remaining farms. Untouched by time, the Thomas Smith House transports one back in time when we were still a British colony, the French and Indian Wars were in their seventh year. George Washington was only 24 and it would be 16 years before the Boston Tea Party.

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