Category: May 2017

Eat.Enjoy.Live: Morrison’s art on display

5/4/2017 | G. Michael Dobbs

Artist Frank Morrison's aintings are on exhibit at the Art for the Soul Gallery at Tower Square through June 15. “We feel very fortunate to have another highly acclaimed artist show his works at the gallery,” Rosemary Tracy Woods, executive director of Art for the Soul Gallery said. “We are especially impressed with Mr. Morrison’s care, concern and focus on children and literacy.” ...

Eat.Enjoy.Live.: Free Comic Book Day promotes literacy

5/4/2017 | G. Michael Dobbs
G. Michael Dobbs

This year the Springfield City Library is among the locations that would be giving people free comic books. Librarian Liz Meier from the East Forest Park Branch explained the library has not always participated in the worldwide event that first started in 2002. ...

Shelter would offer dogs ‘A New Beginning’

5/4/2017 | Chris Maza

Anyone on social media has seen them. A photo or a video of an animal, homeless or abused or maybe both, searching for somewhere to call its “forever home.” They tug at the heartstrings. Many times we think, “I wish there’s something I could do.” One young woman in Feeding Hills, however, thought, “I’m going to do something.” ...

Interest in girls lacrosse continues to grow

5/4/2017 | Chris Miracle

Founded in 2000, the Western Massachusetts Girls Lacrosse League is here to stay, and poised for the future development of youth lacrosse. Starting out with a lone team with a roster of fifth through eighth graders, the blossoming league split into two teams in 2003 with one squad of fifth and sixth, and another of seventh and eighth. Also in that same year, Agawam coach Lynn Geiger formed a Bantam team for third and fourth graders. ...

This park’s gone to the dogs ... and that’s great

5/4/2017 | Chris Maza

It’s mid-day on a beautiful spring Friday as the sun peeks between the clouds. On nearby a bench two people sit and enjoy the sunshine while in the midst of light conversation. Elsewhere, a small group has congregated by a fence to socialize. All the while, in the middle of a field, a pack of dogs race around and roll together. It’s the Agawam Dog Park. ...

Opinion: News on MGM apartments comes as a big surprise

5/4/2017 | G. Michael Dobbs

Let me cast an assumption aside: while at times I’m cynical and jaded, I can still be surprised and shocked. My mouth was certainly hanging open at the Casino Oversight committee hearing last week. Aside from a brief appearance by a local TV videographer, I was the only reporter there and the only member of the press that reported the phrase “affordable housing” was used in the description of the status of the 54 apartments MGM is obligated to construct as part of the casino project. ...