From the Editor's Desk: Every bit of praise that comes Bruce Landon's way is well deserved

3/16/2017 | Chris Maza

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Reminder Publications photo by Chris Maza

As Bruce Landon's Springfield hockey journey nears its end, I've been recalling my many encounters with him in my years as a journalist.

Always, regardless of the situation, Bruce demonstrated that he's fully committed to his passions – family, hockey and Western Massachusetts.

And more than that, he's always a gentleman. During the recent pre-game ceremony honoring Bruce's nearly five decades of involvement in Springfield hockey, he humbled himself, telling those who were a part of the city's teams, "You didn't work for me; you worked with me."

That's Bruce, the man who knew the name of every employee he encountered as he walked the concourse.

The last time I interviewed Bruce was shortly before the Springfield Falcons shuttered their operations here in the City of Homes and moved to Tucson.?Even then, sitting in a conference room surrounded by boxes that were remnants of an organization he built, he still had faith that hockey could remain.?

He was right.

Nate Costa and his team have done a phenomenal job of looking to the future while honoring the legacy built by those who came before.?Bruce is part of that legacy and was perfectly honored with the rebirth of the Springfield Hockey Hall of Fame.?

And now with Costa and company taking charge, Springfield hockey's Superman, who saved it from the brink time and again, now feels confident that he can hang up his cape.

Every honor, handshake and well-wish is much deserved.

So is the time off.


I’m the very definition of a Heinz 57 American.

My heritage is fairly far reaching. Some Spanish here, some French Canadian here, a dash of German on this side, even a little Irish in there somewhere. It’s something I’m aware of, but never something I have ever felt was a defining characteristic of who I am.

With that in mind, St. Patrick’s Day was always one of those holidays that I never really understood and never really participated in. At best it was something I found oddly fascinating.

Then I met my wife, Eileen, who is Irish through and through. Suddenly I was thrust into a life in which St. Patrick’s Day was a holiday bigger than Christmas. My first “real” Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade experience with Eileen’s family was eye opening. That day three things were emphasized more than anything else – family, friends and community. It was something that I think everyone, regardless of background, can appreciate.

In a time in which there seems to be so much unrest, I hope we can all take step back and contemplate what those three things – family, friends, and community – mean to us and how we can strengthen our bond with all three.

As an “adopted” Irish son, I wish you all lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!

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